Fire Alarms

Protecting Against Fire

It has been shown that an average sized bedroom can be consumed in flames within 2 minutes from just a small smoldering flame in a couch or chair.

Monitored smoke detectors save lives!

Sit down with your family and create an emergency escape plan and kit.

  • Make sure the children know how to get out of the house if you are unable to assist them.
  • Specify a meeting place outside of the home and one outside of the neighborhood in case you cannot reach your home.
  • Ensure everyone has emergency telephone numbers on hand.

Did you know?

  • There are more than 209 fires in Florida homes every day. Forty percent start in the kitchen, over 22 percent are caused by faulty wiring, followed by careless smoking, children playing with matches or lighters, and unattended heating devices.More than two-thirds of Florida’s fire fatalities are age 40 and over, followed by those age 70 and over.
  • One of the most shocking statistics is that smoke detectors are not present or are inoperative in over 52 percent of these homes.

Information obtained at the Florida State Fire Marshal website:

Visit the website for lots of valuable information and links to fun Kids’ sites.

In a commercial setting there are many Life Safety codes that are in place to save the lives of the employees and customers.  Be sure you have the required exit plans posted, do monthly fire drills, and review your plans annually.

  • Pull stations
  • Flashing strobe lights
  • Sirens
  • Duct type smoke detectors
  • Emergency release for controlled access doors
  • Monitoring by Central Station

Call us for a free consultation for your business or home.  All of our employees are FASA licensed – so rest assured you will be dealing with a professional who is up-to-date with the latest Life Safety Codes.

FASA: Fire Alarm System Agent – Licensed by the Alarm Association of Florida